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Flying for Less: Don’t Blow Your Vacation Budget Before You Arrive2 min read

Someone once told me the best money you can spend is money spent on traveling. While it’s true that there is nothing quite like the indescribable experience of traveling and seeing the world, it usually comes with a hefty price tag. It’s not hard to decide where you want to visit—the difficult part is not emptying your bank account on the way there!

Here are some tips for making your dollars stretch as far as possible as you circle the globe.

Book Well in Advance and Shop Around

The biggest expense of any trip is usually the plane ticket. And as I’m sure you already know, the closer to your departure date, the more expensive the plane ticket. So it almost goes without saying that it is best to book your tickets weeks, if not months in advance. While it might seem like less of a hassle to just buy the first tickets you like, don’t forgo websites like Expedia—it’s worth the extra research to save a little money.

Avoid the Busiest Travel Days

Don’t forget that flying on busy travel days, like weekends and Mondays, are usually more expensive as well. If you can work it with your travel plans, flying midweek is always a cheaper alternative. And if you have the extra time, flying with a connection is also another less expensive option to booking a direct flight.

Airports Selection and Parking Matter, Too

On the same note, flights out of bigger airports are cheaper but if you don’t live near one, the long drive and ridiculous charges for parking your car can add up, making your travel more expensive from the get-go. Airlines like United usually offer a free shuttle from local airports to larger hubs if you purchase their airfare.

But if you absolutely must drive to the airport and leave your car there, make sure you do a web search for satellite parking lots. Hotels around the airport usually offer extended stay parking for a third of the cost of leaving your car at the airport—AND have a free shuttle to the airport.

Carry-on Your Way to Cheaper Flights

Another unnecessary expense is checking a bag. Most international flights come with one free checked bag; most domestic flights do not. If you can avoid checking a bag, you can save yourself around $ 50. The carry-on allowance is no more than 9 inches by 14 inches by 22 inches. Those numbers may have no meaning to you, so in simple terms: that is a decent size suitcase! In fact, I’ve traveled to Europe TWICE with that size suitcase (once for 15 days and once for 10). You can maximize this space by finding a suitcase with many compartments, rolling up your clothes instead of folding them, and using space bags! PLUS, you can still bring a “personal item,” which can actually be a decently sized tote bag (more storage!).

Lastly, do your research on inexpensive flights. Some airlines offer ridiculously cheap airfare to lure you in but then add so many fees that your final cost ends up being just as much as all the other airlines. Always read policies about additional fees when booking a flight.


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Stress-Free Flying 1012 min read

Tips for stress-free flying

Flying anxiety is very common and can affect you at any time, no matter how often you board a plane. I personally feel that anxiety between taxi-ing along the runway and resting at 30,000 feet in the air. But it used to be much worse—staying awake at night, clammy hands, pounding heartbeats all day before a flight.

Everyone has their own tricks for calming their flying anxiety—taking note of the calm demeanor of the flight attendants, watching the takeoff out their window, or distracting themselves with noise cancelling headphones. But I want to share with you a few additional tips to help calm flying anxiety that you might not have thought of.

Get your workout in before your flight: Many people find serenity through their workouts, whether that be hitting the weight room, powering through a cycling class, or breathing your way through yoga. Making sure to fit in your go-to workout before a flight can put you in a peaceful mindset.

Charge all of your devices: What is more anxiety-inducing nowadays than getting a low power notification right before boarding a flight? Making sure your devices are charged before boarding can take some worry off your mind and allow you to focus more on using those devices to read, listen to music or even watch shows during your flight. Pro-tip: Most airlines will tell you if your seats have USB charging units, but it is always good to bring a (fully charged) portable charger with you as flight changes can be unpredictable.

Make a list of things you need to do before the flight — AND DO THEM: The overwhelming sense that you have a million and one “to-do” items running through your head during a flight can make your anxiety worse. A good habit is to make a list of what absolutely needs to get done before leaving for your trip: Fold laundry, pay bills, finish your final paper, organize your desk—any task that will bother you if left unfinished should be tackled pre-flight. Besides, do you really want to be thinking about that final paper while you’re on Mykonos Island in Greece?

Have your favorite meal before boarding: Nothing is quite as comforting as comfort food and what a better way to kick of your trip with your all-time favorite dish. Imagine how great you feel after indulging in your most-loved meal. That will definitely put you in a relaxed state of mind that is perfect for flying. And if you can find it in the airport, you can even bring the leftovers on the flight with you!

Lastly, treat yo’self: Planning a post-landing reward for yourself is another trick I use often. After getting off the flight I tend to run to the nearest coffee stand to grab a sickeningly sweet caramel macchiato. Whether it be a salty treat or a few extra zzz’s the next day, a post-flight reward can actually make you look forward to your flight.


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Top Tips for Flying with Your Baby3 min read

Tips for Flying with a Baby

Ah, your little bundle of joy. While your baby is the light of your life, he or she may strike dread into the hearts of your fellow passengers if you’re not well prepared for your flight. Like flying with a toddler, your trip with your infant will be much more enjoyable and stress free if you take a few steps to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible. Follow these expert tips before and during your trip.

The TSA’s 3-1-1 Rule Does Not Apply

The TSA’s 3-1-1 rule is an easy way to remember what you can bring when it comes to liquids and air travel. You’re limited to 3.4-ounces of liquid in any one bottle, all liquids must fit in a quart-sized zip-top plastic bag, and every passenger can bring one bag.

Unless you’re traveling with food for your infant or toddler, in which case those rules are more relaxed. You may bring enough formula, breast milk, or juice to feed your child on the flight. You should inform the TSA agent if you are traveling with more than 3.4 ounces. You’ll likely be asked to have the liquid screened via x-ray – which is perfectly safe.

Dress Simply and Travel Light 

Babies require a lot of infrastructure: clothing, strollers, car seats, toys, bottles, etc. The more you can streamline these items on your trip, the easier it will be. Keep in mind that you will not ever be separated from your baby when going through security. However, you may be required to remove her from a carrier or sling if you’re wearing one.

You will also be required to remove your shoes, belts, bulky jewelry, and anything in your pockets, which can be tough while holding a baby. Simplify your outfit as much as possible.

Umbrella strollers are also a great option since they are light, maneuverable, and fold down relatively small for the flight and taxi.

Prepare for Mid-Air Diaper Changes

Babies go through a lot of diapers – A LOT. The airplane bathroom is small at best, and most don’t have a changing table. While it may be tempting to change your baby on the empty seat next to you, it won’t be a welcome sight or smell for other passengers.

If you need to change your baby’s diaper, your best option is to sit on the bathroom toilet with your changing pad and baby on your lap. This will provide the most possible room and also allow you to brace yourself and your baby if there is turbulence.

Avoid Ear Pain

Just like you, your infant will experience pain and pressure during takeoff, landing, and other times during the flight. If you’re feeling sensations in your ears, they are, too.

It’s impossible to have your baby yawn on cue or chew gum to combat the problem, but a pacifier or empty sippy cup can do the same thing. Keep it at the ready for those high-pressure situations.

Embrace the Crying

It’s inevitable. At some point, your baby will probably cry on the flight. When it happens, don’t stress yourself out, since it will only make things worse.

Do what you can to soothe your child and let the crying episode run its course. Many of your fellow passengers are parents, too. Most people will understand, even if they find the noise irritating.

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Flying with Contact Lenses: How to Keep Your Eyes Comfortable on an Airplane2 min read

Flying on an Airplane with Contact Lenses

Flying with contact lenses can be unpleasant to say the least. The dry air and high pressure of an airplane can cause dehydration and irritation, making your contacts feel tight and uncomfortable. But wearing contact lenses doesn’t automatically mean you have to settle for discomfort when you travel.  Consider these few tips to ensure a pleasant (and irritation-free) flight.

Bring Rewetting Drops

Pack a bottle of rewetting drops in your carry-on bag (keep in mind that it should be 3.4 ounces/100 mL or less, in accordance with TSA standards.) Make sure you can access it easily during the flight so you can relieve dry eyes when necessary.

Skip the In-Flight Nap

As most contact wearers know, sleeping with contacts in cuts off oxygen to your eyes and can damage your cornea. To prevent damage and discomfort, avoid falling asleep or remove your contacts beforehand. Keep in mind that if you’re planning to take out your contacts, your solution and case should be easily accessible in your carry-on. It can also be more difficult to remove contacts while on the plane (you know how tiny those bathroom mirrors are, not to mention turbulence) so you may want to consider doing it before boarding.

Opt for Your Glasses Instead 

Ultimately the best option to guarantee comfort and avoid damage is to wear your glasses instead, especially if your flight is more than a couple of hours. If you’re cringing at the idea of having to wear your glasses for an entire day of travel, wait to put them on until a few minutes before takeoff. Upon arrival, switch them out for a fresh pair of contacts.

Other Things to Keep in Mind When Flying with Contact Lenses

  • Always keep contacts and contact solution in your carry-on. The last thing you need is to lose your luggage and be unable to see clearly.
  • Drink a lot of water to keep your entire body (including your eyes) hydrated.
  • Bring an extra pair of contacts. If you have an extra pair of glasses bring them as well.
  • If you are going abroad, bring a prescription for your lenses. Some countries require them to buy replacement lenses.
  • Carry hand sanitizer so you can disinfect before handling your contacts. Just make sure to let the hand sanitizer dry fully before putting your finger in your eye.
  • Contact solution is deemed a medically necessary liquid by the TSA and can be over 100 mL, but you must declare it at security and there have been instances where passengers were not allowed to take it. To be on the safe side, you may want to consider purchasing a travel-sized solution or daily contact lenses. Note: Do not simply transfer contact solution from a larger bottle to a travel-sized one, as this can cause contamination.


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How to Keep Your Sanity While Flying with Toddlers


Have you ever tried to have a rational conversation with an angry toddler at 30,000 feet over the Atlantic? It probably wasn’t a pretty picture. As the holiday season approaches, more families with young children will be on airplanes to visit friends and family. It can be a unique and enjoyable experience for everyone involved, but it requires a lot of planning, foresight, and some good-old-fashioned luck.

If it’s your first trip on a plane with your little one, you’re most likely nervous. Here’s how to survive with your sanity – and the sanity of your fellow travelers – intact.

Pack Plenty of Snacks

Nothing brings down a toddler’s mood, and willingness to be a happy traveler, faster than an empty belly. Keep their blood sugar from dipping by bringing lots of snacks in your carry-on bag. Bring their favorites so you can be sure they’ll eat them – don’t rely on the airport to have snacks that a picky toddler will like. Keep snacks healthy and lower in sugar to avoid peaks, valleys, and mood swings.

 Don’t Forget Nap Time

The second key to a happy toddler is enough sleep. Sleeping in an airplane seat can be uncomfortable, but you can make it work if you lift up the arm rest so they can spread out. Bring a few of the comforts of home, such as their pillow and a favorite stuffed animal, to make nap time a little easier.

 Buy a Seat for Them

It can be tempting to save money by traveling with your child on your lap, which is an option for children from two weeks to two years old. For shorter trips, it can work. However, trips of more than a few hours can be uncomfortable, both for you and your child. In these cases, you should consider purchasing their own seat. Try to get a window seat for them, which allows you to doze, read or otherwise take a break in the seat next to them, knowing they’re safe and can’t go anywhere.

 Wrap Mini Presents

Before your trip, stop at your local dollar store for a few cheap-but-fun toys. Wrap each of the toys in wrapping paper and introduce them at different points during your flight. They can be used as a motivator for good behavior, or “just because” to keep your toddler’s mood elevated. It may seem overindulgent, but flying with toddlers is a good time to relax your normal standards.

 Load Up the Tablet

Download your toddler’s favorite shows and movies on your tablet computer. Make sure the tablet is fully charged before you get on the plane, since not every airline provides electrical outlets. Also complete all of your downloading at home – the Wi-Fi at airports is notoriously slow.

Be Prepared for Clean-Up Duty

Let’s be honest, toddlers are messy. You should anticipate at least one spill or accident on the flight. Be sure to ask your toddler frequently if they need to use the restroom, since there are many distractions during a trip that can throw off their routine and awareness. Pack an extra set of clothes in your carry-on in a plastic grocery bag, and use the bag to store clothes that needed to be changed. Bring a full outfit – including fresh socks, which many parents forget.

With a little planning, your flight with a toddler will be rewarding and memorable. Talk to your toddler about what to expect beforehand and show them pictures and videos of airplanes and airports to demystify the process. If your children are old enough, explain what’s happening at each stage in the airport – from check-in and security to takeoff and baggage claim.

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