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International Fall Foliage Tour: 3 Places to Soak in Autumn’s Beauty2 min read

Neuschwanstein Castle In The Fall

Fall can be breathtakingly beautiful. Even if it’s not your favorite season there’s no denying the picturesque beauty of the changing colors and the satisfying sound of leaves crunching under your feet. Plus, on most days the sun is still shining and warm, allowing for outdoor activities with near-perfect weather. Can you tell Fall is my favorite? If you love fall foliage as much as I do, you’ll want to add these destinations to your list of places to go — just be sure to book your trip before the snow starts to fall.

The Highlands, Scotland

Scotland is known for its impressive landscapes, hills, and mountainside views. Picture the scenes you’ve seen in movies like Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and imagine those expansive green fields and forestry set ablaze with autumnal colors and falling leaves.

About 20 percent of Scotland is covered in trees, so there are many trails to explore with beautiful scenic views of the countryside. In addition to the rustic views, apples and plums are in peak picking condition and game is easier to catch now that the wildlife is more active.

Now why the Highlands? The Highlands’ are filled with mountain ranges, including the highest mountain in the British Isles, Ben Nevis. These rolling fields will give you a remote, off-the-grid feel without actually being in the middle of nowhere.

Bavaria, Germany

Germany’s landscape is dotted with charming villages surrounded by some of the prettiest foliage you will see in Europe. Like Scotland, forests make up a significant portion of the countryside in Germany, and if you travel south to Bavaria, the Fall scenery is a real showstopper. Known for Oktoberfest – the German holiday celebrating the 19th-century marriage of King Ludwig and Princess Therese –  it’s a destination on many a bucket list for people who love German beer, food, music, and tradition.

Even if you visit after Oktoberfest, the changing leaves and quaint cobblestone paths won’t disappoint.

One specific location to visit at this time of year in Bavaria is the Neuschwanstein Castle. This castle was the inspiration for the castle in the Disney movie Sleeping Beauty and is completely surrounded by mountains, where you’ll have a gorgeous view of autumn’s handiwork.

Lugano, Switzerland

This Swiss city borders Lake Lugano just south of the Alps. The residents here speak Italian, since Lugano is just a stone’s throw from the Italian border and about an hour’s drive from Milan.

When the heat of the summer is over and the temperature is the perfect amount of mild, it’s time to explore the outdoors and all this town has to offer, like the annual Autumn Festival in celebration of the beautiful foliage, ripened grapes that yield amazing wine, and traditional folk music. While boating season is coming to an end, it’s the perfect time to stroll around the lake and the surrounding promenade area.

Lugano is encompassed by multiple mountains, which means there are lots of trails to explore during peak fall foliage time.


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FREIER FALL | Trailer german deutsch [HD]

FREIER FALL | Trailer german deutsch [HD] … … Freier Fall (deutscher Trailer / Trailer deutsch german HD) – Kinostart: 23.05.2013 —… … Ich bin Nummer Vier (Trailer deutsch HD) – Kinostart: 10.3.2011. John (Alex Pettyfer) ist kein gewöhnlicher Teenager:…
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Misheard Lyrics “Pride Shall Fall”

Hier sind übrigens die ECHTEN Lyrics zum Lied: Ich liebe Misheard Lyrics Videos (falsch verstandene Songtexte, derp) und wollte mich auch mal einem versuchen – was macht man, wenn man versucht kein Copyright zu verletzen? Man nimmt Lieder von Leuten, bei denen man sich sicher ist, dass sie eh nicht genug Geld haben, um jemanden zu verklagen! xD Mein Kumpel Rajko aka “Ray” spielt Gitarre in der Metal-Band “Pride Shall Fall” und hat mir freundlicherweise erlaubt, die Lieder zu benutzen!

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Funny Fall Teen Girls Free Creative Commons

Check out these funny images:

Funny Fall Teen Girls Free Creative Commons
Image by Pink Sherbet Photography
free for use

My photos that have a creative commons license and are free for everyone to download, edit, alter and use as long as you give me, "D Sharon Pruitt" credit as the original owner of the photo. Have fun and enjoy!

Funny squirrel (2/2): Gold tooth? Well, a corn tooth actually!
Image by Weboide
This squirrel was eating out of a corn cob when I disturbed him, he suddenly stopped eating and climbed in his tree to sneak on me but he forgot a kernel in his mouth! See by yourself! (See in bigger size)

See the part 1/2 where he is eating corn on the cob!

Lens: Sigma 55-200mm

Blythe in cupcake T shirt with funny wiggly moving eyes
Image by Hegemony77 doll clothes
made by me

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