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Adventures in Liverpool: More than the Beatles or Premier League3 min read

St. Lukes Liverpool

When someone mentions London, you might immediately think of Big Ben, the Royal Family or the British flag. However, when you think of Liverpool, you may not have as much to associate with the city beyond the Beatles or the popular soccer team.

But for someone who has spent time in both these amazing cities, I can tell you they both have so much more to offer. Especially in Liverpool, there are some amazing opportunities to explore British culture. If you have the chance to visit Liverpool, here are some cool spots you can’t miss.

Hang Out at Albert Dock

During my stay in Liverpool, between seeing other parts of the city, I always found myself down at Albert Dock. Packed with restaurants, gift shops and museums, it’s easy to spend hours hanging out at the dock.

One of my favorite activities is to take a ride on the Wheel of Liverpool, which is located just a short distance from Albert Dock. It’s a great first activity when arriving in Liverpool because it gives you a bird’s eye view of the layout of the city.

My travel buddy and I happened to ride the wheel on our first day in Liverpool, which helped us figure out where all the spots we wanted to visit were located throughout the area.

Explore Churches

What took me by surprise when arriving in Liverpool is that it’s home to some incredible churches. Liverpool is a very walkable city, and exploring the churches can be a great way to stretch your legs while seeing the sights.

One you can’t miss is Church of St Luke. The church built in the 1800s was bombed during World War II but the outer structure still remains — which is why it’s now called the “Bombed Out Church.” You can wander around the property to get better views (and pictures!) of what’s left of the building. Some days you can also pay a small fee to walk around within the church’s shell too.

Another church I recommend checking out is the Liverpool Cathedral. Built in the 20th century and surviving both World Wars, the massive space is something to see.

While donations are encouraged, the church is free to enter. It’s complete with a restaurant, bridge and gift shop—all within the building! Even if you’re not religious, this space is worth checking out for its design and view of the city from atop of one of its towers.

Wander Through Liverpool’s History

While there are plenty of museums to learn about the Beatles’ life and career, there are also some awesome museums on the history of Liverpool itself. Whether you’re looking to learn about art, history or the city’s seafaring heritage, there’s a museum for every interest.

One museum I enjoyed visiting is the Museum of Liverpool. It’s one of the first museums in the U.K. dedicated to the history of a city—which you certainly get to know well after spending a few hours wandering through its rooms.

It’s a fun interactive experience to learn facts about everything from the city’s port to its people. The museum tells a great story of the city I found fascinating. I learned more movies have Liverpool as a backdrop than I would have ever realized!

Take on the Shopping Scene

While Liverpool is a smaller and quieter city than most, there is still plenty of shopping to do. Liverpool One, located near the docks, is a decent sized mall where you can snag some awesome souvenirs — or gifts for yourself! You can also find several restaurants and bars in and around the shopping center to grab a drink or meal.

If you’re like me, you probably have never wondered what more Liverpool has to offer beyond soccer and the Beatles. If you get the chance someday, definitely give yourself the chance to explore British culture through the Liverpool lens!


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Adventures in Iceland: Glaciers, Fermented Sharks, and Silica Mud Masks3 min read

Ice cave Iceland healthy travel

It’s likely you’ve heard about Iceland as a travel destination more and more in recent years. If you’re like me and on social media, you’ve probably seen breathtaking photos or many a drone video panning over its hot springs more times than you can count.

For those reasons, or if you’re looking for your next international adventure, Iceland can be the trip of a lifetime. The island offers many healthy amenities for the health-focused travelers. Getting to experience Iceland could be your chance to see why the country has been ranked one of the happiest in the world.

Here are some tips for healthy travel on the happy little island:

Get Active

One problem you won’t have while visiting Iceland is finding ways to get active. We rented a car for our visit, and still found plenty of paths, mountains and even glaciers to hike on. Iceland is a great destination for adventure travelers of any level.

Whether you’re just interested in seeing Iceland at a casual pace or a more active one, the island offers many ways to get moving while seeing the sights. There are different programs you can sign up for led by experienced guides. Some of these programs can let you let you walk on a glacier, through ice caves and tunnels, go deep sea fishing, see the Icelandic wildlife or go kayaking! There is no shortage of active adventures you can go on to see the island.

While there are guided programs you can go on, it’s also possible to do something safe exploring on your own too. My friend and I chose to rent a car and travel the Golden Circle, a major roadway on the island that takes you to many of the popular stops on the island. Most of the major tourist spots from waterfalls to glacier parks have marked paths that we followed to explore—and certainly got our heart rates up!

Soak in the Geothermal Pools

After a long day of sightseeing, you might crave a good bath or spa experience. Luckily, it’s easy to find a number of hot pools and springs to kick back in. Some of these pools are still heated by volcanic energy as they have been since Viking times. Others have been installed with geothermal pools and hot tubs.

One of my favorites and also among the most popular destinations is the Blue Lagoon. Surrounded by lava rubble, the light blue water is sourced from a geothermal power station nearby. The facility includes different grottoes, steam rooms, a sauna and a restaurant. The restaurant (LAVA) has a delicious dinner menu that can be satisfying after a day of swimming around the lagoon—be sure to check out their local fish of the day and the grilled beef tenderloin!

Once you’re swimming in the lagoon, you can float over to the silica station. The water is packed with the natural minerals made from dissolved rock from the Earth’s mantle. The white mud is good for renewing and cleansing the skin. Putting some silica on your face or body can add to your spa experience while floating around the Blue Lagoon.

Other popular hot pools and springs you can visit on the island include Laugarvatn Fontana Geothermal Baths, Mývatn Nature Baths, Reykjadalur hot springs, and the Seljavallalaug hot pools, among others.

Lavish in Local Flavors

Along with the incredible views in Iceland, you have the chance to round out your visit with interesting local dishes. We took the chance to step outside of our diet comfort zone, and weren’t disappointed. You’re likely to encounter fresh fish on local menus as well as fermented shark, whale, and puffin!

Dining out in Iceland can get pricey so if you’re on a budget it might be helpful to eat in for some meals. You can still find plenty of healthy and unique options in local grocery stores. A good go-to for me were Skyr yogurts—a popular item in Iceland that has a unique flavor and is low-fat. They’re perfect for a quick breakfast or snack on the go!

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